Thursday, 13 October 2011

Some campaign ideas

The Start
Each player leads an expedition into Afghanistan, or Manakaland as it is now commonly known.  Each force is nominally:
  • One modern infantry platoon (as per the nation you select)
  • One advanced infantry platoon (a bumped up version of your national platoon)
  • One platoon-worth of light patrol vehicles (6-12)
  • One platoon-worth of APC and IFV (as per your nationality) (2 of each type)
  • One platoon (4-5) MBTs
  • Supplies (Ammo, Defences, Construction, Mobility, Replacements, Repair and Fuel)
Before the campaign starts each nationality receives technology randomly.  For example, if two players have a US based army they share the same technology.

Resources such as air support and artillery are also available.

Manakaland is covered in alien and human technology, recovery of equipment can be shared between all/some of the players or you can choose to keep it for your force alone.  So, for example, you direct your expedition to an area potentially containing fuel and combat walkers, if you win the mission you roll your forces TQ and on a 4+ you get one of your choose, on a 8+ you get both, randomly rolling how many (for example D6 fuel and D6 walkers).  Therefore, if you buy some walker miniatures for your army, you can attempt to get them into your army by taking a mission in an area where you may find them.

Items include:
  • New Technology (for example Gauss guns, lasers, battle computers etc)
  • Reinforcements (human, alien – whole units or replacement for losses or once off mercenaries)
  • Equipment (vehicles, guns, artillery)
  • Supplies (ammo, fuel, defenses, mines etc)
  • Reputation
  • Support (ability to go to the Moon, Mars, Haumea, Ceres etc; communication facility etc)
All forces start as TQ8 – Mor10 (8?), over time your force may advance (or lose morale!).

Players will also get to play missions offworld, so the assault on the alien worlds, fights on Mars and the Moon using forces other than their own to push the campaign events.  So for example, when the stealth mission to Haumea arrives some players take control of the 80 soldiers and attack Haumea, possibly disrupting alien reinforcements, obtaining technology etc.  If for example a force gains the capability to go to the Moon, they may attack the humans on the Moon and take over a railgun, thereby getting access to strike capability.

Some locations on the map will supply a continuous supply of items, by moving ones base onto such a location gives a continuous supply.

How does the campaign end?
If the aliens achieve a certain presence on Earth its all over.  So players need to work as a team.  But to win the campaign you must eventually force the other players to become your vassals, destroy them.  Targets will be designed to achieve these aims.  You can steal supplies and equipment from other players if you hold the battle field after a player vs. player battle, or if you attack their base camp.

When a players force becomes a vassal it loses the ability to decide it future, though at any time it can rebel, but usually at some disadvantage in the rebellion missions.

All these ideas are optionally and we can design as required.


  1. Some thoughts:
    I assume that the company deployed is on the strategic map. What size do you expect deployed on a typical game table? Will TW be similar to your current Afghanistan scenario?

    Is the plan to reuse modern figures in this setting? What's the thought about aliens - occassional sideshow, or regular participants?

    This is all for an ulterior motive. I have been thinking about getting some 15mm sci-fi for a little while, but currently have nothing.


  2. I think we would try restrict battles to no more than one infantry platoon + one vehicle platoon. These will be conventional battles instead of the insurgent battles we have been playing in FOF.

    Yes, we will be using modern figures, plus SF figures, plus aliens. I think player actions (and painting!) will decide how aliens play in the game. I think they should become regular participants with time. We want the campaign to get players to use their figures, so we design around what people have and want to get.