Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Further background...

The year is 2075, in the last 18 months more than 8.5 billion humans have perished.  The human race stands on the brink of extinction.  The estimated human populations are:

Earth: 500 Million
Lunar Colonies: 2,500
Orbital Colonies: 500
Martian Colonies: 1,300
Phobosian Colony: 50
Stealth Mission to Haumea: 80
Stealth Mission to Ceres: 40
In transit to Mars: 1,000

The initial Naumean attack killed an estimated 3.5 billion humans, the humans that survived faced three months of twilight, failed crops, disease, a freezing winter, further impacts and of cause, each other.  A further 5 billion humans died in the 18 months following the attack.

In 2068 the UN passed the UN Emergency Defense Decree 1, calculations showed the human race could survive the attack, but the estimated 4-6 billion that survived the attack would stress the system such that the humans would be in no condition to resist an alien invasion.  The decree created numerous stockpiles that would self-reveal three years after that initial attack.  Only 20% of these stockpiles survived or were discovered.  Many humans decided hiding would be better than confrontation, while others thought the aliens would be more amenable to negotiation from the human’s point of weakness.  Of the estimated 500 million people only a dozen or so million organized themselves following the decree’s instructions.  When observer’s detected alien landings in Afghanistan they sent scouts and discovered numerous alien species digging into the Earth, a large broken up and dismembered mothership lay buried within the rock.  The aliens were intent on recovering the ship, for what end the humans could only guess.

Human expedition have started to arrive in Afghanistan from all the corners of the planet, the Brazilians,  the North Americans, the North Africans, the Southern Africans, the Central Europeans, Russia, China, Australia, India and many more.  The aliens working on the digs did not expect to be attacked and the initial human attack was overwhelmingly successful, all but wiping out the alien workers from the face of Earth in February 2075.  More humans died in the First War of Liberation from exposure than from combat.

The loot was immense, and the technology beyond the wildest dreams of the humans.  The International Defense Council could not hold together.  Human started fighting human.  The fratricidal fighting was only stopped by a wave of alien drop pods and landing craft.  The bond, however, is weak.

The campaign.

Each player starts with a company strength force, they will be ordered by the council (the players) to perform missions against the aliens, rogue humans and bandits.  The object of the campaign is to finish as the Supreme Faction of the Human Race, this involves secreting away more technology than the other players.  But, technology must also be given to the Defense council to keep them happy, so the object is too obtain technology above and beyond what makes the council happy.  Accusations can be made (using cards) accusing another players faction of technology pilfering, etc.  A player may also decide to attack another player to loot some of that players pilfered technology, or merely just to weaken the targets company.  The council will try to bring peace to the sides involved in these conflicts.

Alien incursions will result in major conflicts, in this case a Supreme War Leader will take over command.

The campaign is also driven by events on the Moon, Mars and Haumea, scenarios will be played using the human forces on these distant worlds that will influence the situation on Earth.

Each company is made up of four platoons, two have the technology of the early 21st Century, and two have the technology of the 2060s.  One platoon from each era is infantry or mechanized infantry, while the second platoon is an armoured platoon or a second infantry platoon.   Air support etc are community  resources.

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